OSPC privacy cleaner - an effective tool for PC management!

Make the process of clearing your PC hard drive space easy and pleasant one by using the OSPC privacy cleaner. This is the software for Windows based PCs that makes the removal of unwanted history search, visited websites data, recent documents and other temporary files quite simple and fast process. Erase unnecessary info from your PC and make it run more effective!
OSPC Privacy Cleaner is the best remover of unwanted files from your PC!

Erase the browsed history

Are you tired of deleting the data browsed via your web browser into PC? Then we have good news for you as the solution we provide enables users to erase the browsed history whatever internet browser you use (Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox). Moreover deleting such info by the proper software eliminates any possible risk of erasing any necessary system files that can harm the whole system.
Find out how to erase the history.

The best way to clear history search

Automatically removal of the browsed history is much more effective than the manual one as common user doesn´t possibly knows what path he/she should type to reach the related history data files and remove them. And probably the best solution to clear history search is the application provided by or company that detects the data files and removes them automatically without any user actions.
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Delete history search right now

It is not always good to keep all the files and information at the hard drive of the PC. Therefore we advise you to remove such information and be always confident that no one will be aware of the websites you visit, content you download, things you searches, and other programs you use. But doing this do not forget to do this via the special software and not manually.
Delete history search and be sure these data won´t be accessed by third person.

It is useful to clear history

Why? The reason is simple - do not let anyone to get access to the websites you have visited and other information you got after search in the global net. It is more effective to do it periodically instead of leaving your personal info to become aware to any third person and thus potentially cause any unwanted situations to become true. Start with us to protect yourself and your data.
Be the first who will clear history

Clear history search web yahoo in several steps

Use special programs to remove information from your PC that you do not want to become available to anyone else. Doing so will provide additional warranty that none of your necessary and important files will be lost and the system of the PC will not be changed and lead to the fail of the running processes. Moreover you will be quite confident that only you know the whole information about the web pages you have visited and the content you have downloaded.
Therefore clear history search web yahoo safely.

What is OSPC?

"OSPC" (Online Solutions Privacy Cleaner) is a powerful, yet simple application intended for the removal of users' confidential information and traces of users' activities on their computers.

Clear search history with OSPC Privacy Cleaner!

OSPC privacy cleaner enables users to clear history search, delete browser history internet data and erase web yahoo history search. All websites you have visited, recent documents you have created and search inquiries are stored not only in the browser history internet folders but also in other temporary files at the hard drive of your PC.

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Full System clean-up 50%
Expires after 1 Year 21 Days
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Price $29.95 Free
Privacy Cleaner v.
Released on July 02, 2008

Delete history search completely

OSPC privacy cleaner is the software developed for Windows based PCs that in contrast with other applications with similar features will help you to clear history of your search and remove all recent documents you do not wish to be available to any other person. Erase the history stored in hidden folders kept in such directories at your PC you have never heard about. Enjoy the easy process of clearing free space of the PC HDD.

Why should you use our software?

Some files created by the browser and other popular applications often contain confidential information, which can tell a lot about the user. Therefore, if you care about your privacy and would like to protect this information from falling into somebody else's hands, make sure to clean up your system from time to time - especially if you are an active Internet user. Learn more about privacy

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